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ETtrends was established in consumer electronics industry in 2009. With an annual increase rate of 532%, ETtrends develop rapidly and provide satisfactory service to over 18,000 B to B clients across the world. A lot of our clients have testified the development of ETtrends and keep on giving their trust to us and have business with us for all these years. Some of them are new friends of us, but all of them are the strong support of us to make sure that we keep on moving fast and stable.

I came to ETtrends. All staff are very friendly, the QC showed me very professional test process and stock.Very good quality and fast delivery. When we talked. My goods packed.Just 10 minutes.Sam.Jack Scarlett are very kind and friendly.I think ETtrends is my best choice.

                                                                                                                          ———— (Germany)  Abdul
Actually, I have checked more than 5 to 6 companies, And ETtrends has taken the advantage in the   company’s size, professional and fast delivery. Ah… The most brilliant part is the package of items which makes me feel comfort. I think you are the best cooperate partner in China mainland.

Before I have bought cheaper LCD from Guangzhou. Lot of customers gave me very bad feedback.
LCD easy broken.Waste my time and money.Customers loss.To be honest. 
ETtrends price not cheaper,but the quality is very good.3-4 days goods shipping.
Thanks ET. Let me win customers.
I’m very satisfied with customer feedback and contact. Every person is reliable, nice and fast while making work duties for customer like I am. Every case is done with top speed.

It has been nearly 5 years since I have business with ETtrends, I like you guys, For your great construction of company and genius goods.

This company is very good. We have to say too that our company like to work with Lily, she's very nice and professional and makes a good work.

                                                                                                                          ————(United Kingdom)Eben Quaye
Great package and quality, Very satisfied with your company and always happy to deal with you in the future.

A superb service, very good service of salesman. I am satisfied.

                                                                                                                          ————(Sweden)Edouard  paris
Very good company, best quality, the price is good, Jack is friendly sales. Professional and good work.

                                                                                                                          ————(Switzerland)Jeff Smith
I am really appreciate for you to provide me the updated latest news and promotion from time to time. And these news are very useful for our clients. It is awesome.

Your products are very good, I am surprise that you can always find what we need which makes me feel comfortable and shipping very fast. I do not need to find extra suppliers. It very glad to have business with you

The delivery time is very fast, We have had business for quite a long time. I do not want to lose partners like you.


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